Job Descriptions

Job Description TitlesSalary RangeType
Accounting Assistant 19Classified
Accounting Specialist 24Classified
Accounting Technician 26Classified
Accounting Technician - CalWORKs 26Classified
Administrative Assistant Contract Education 26Classified
Administrative Assistant Learning Resources 26Classified
Administrative Secretary I 24Classified
Administrative Secretary I-CalWORKs 24Classified
Administrative Secretary II 27Classified
Administrative Secretary III 30Classified
Alternate Media Specialist 31Classified
Athletic Equipment Manager 19Classified
Athletic Facilities Maintenance Worker 21Classified
Athletic Trainer 31Classified
Automotive and Equipment Mechanic 28Classified
Bond Senior Buyer  Classified
Building Maintenance Technician 33Classified
Building Maintenance Worker 27Classified
Campus Fiscal Technician  Classified
Campus Instructional Support Specialist 31Classified
Campus Life Coordinator 27Classified
Campus Operations Specialist I 27Classified
Campus Operations Specialist II 31Classified
Cashier 21Classified
Child Development Assistant 19Classified
Child Development Instructional Specialist 23Classified
Child Development Instructional Specialist-Infant Toddler  Classified
Clerical Assistant 16Classified
Clerical Assistant-CalWORKs 16Classified
College Police Officer  Classified
Community Education Specialist 20Classified
Computer Help Desk Operations Technician 27Classified
Custodial Maintenance Worker 18Classified
Custodial, Maintenance and Operations Specialist 18Classified
Custodian 17Classified
Database Administrator 45Classified
Distance Education Server Specialist  Classified
Distance Education Support Specialist  Classified
District Foundation Accountant 40Classified
DSPS Program Specialist 31Classified
DSPS Program Specialist-Interpreter 31Classified
Educational Services Analyst 38Classified
Employee Benefits Specialist 30Classified
Employment Services Specialist 27Classified
EOPS/CARE Specialist 24Classified
Executive Assistant/Office Coordinator - HR 11Confidential
Facilities Transportation Specialist 26Classified
Financial Aid Fiscal Support Technician 29Classified
Financial Aid Student Services Assistant  Classified
Financial Aid Technical Analyst 32Classified
Financial Aid Technician 24Classified
Fiscal Support Tech FCE IL CD 29Classified
Foster Care ILP Program Specialist 24Classified
Grounds Maintenance Worker 19Classified
Human Resources Officer - Academic 14Confidential
Human Resources Officer - Classified 14Confidential
Human Resources Officer - Recruitment/EEO/Compliance 14Confidential
Infant Toddler Child Development Assistant 19Classified
Infant Toddler Site Supervisor  Classified
Information Systems Specialist I 29Classified
Information Systems Specialist II 35Classified
Information Systems Specialist III 40Classified
Information Systems Student Liaison  Classified
Information Systems-Technical Webmaster 45Classified
Institutional Development Fund Assistant 25Classified
Instructional Assistant-Business 26Classified
Instructional Assistant-Business Computer Lab 26Classified
Instructional Assistant-Computer Lab 26Classified
Instructional Assistant-English Writing Lab 26Classified
Instructional Assistant-Food Service Management 26Classified
Instructional Assistant-Nursing 26Classified
Instructional Assistant-Veterinary Technology 26Classified
Instructional Associate-Basic Skills College Success 28Classified
Instructional Associate-Language Arts 28Classified
Instructional Associate-Learning Skills DSPS 28Classified
Instructional Associate-Math 28Classified
Instructional Associate-Nursing Academic Success 28Classified
Instructional Network Specialist 38Classified
Instructional Support Analyst  Classified
Lead Custodian 20Classified
Lead Grounds Maintenance Worker 23Classified
Library Media Specialist 25Classified
Library Technical Assistant 26Classified
Maintenance Control Clerk 24Classified
Measure J Bond Accountant 36Classified
Measure J Bond Senior Buyer Contracts 36Classified
MESA Specialist 24Classified
Outreach and Recruitment Specialist-Categorical Funded 32Classified
Outreach and Recruitment Specialist-District Funded 32Classified
Piano Accompanist 28Classified
Police Services Technician  Classified
Printing Mail Assistant 24Classified
Printing Mail Technician 27Classified
Programmer Analyst II 40Classified
Project Mechanic-Carpenter 31Classified
Project Mechanic-HVAC Electrician 33Classified
Public Events Technician 27Classified
Public Information and Community Events Specialist 28Classified
Purchasing Technician 28Classified
Research Analyst 36Classified
SBDC Program Technician 27Classified
Science Lab Technician-Biology 28Classified
Science Lab Technician-Chemistry 28Classified
Secretary 21Classified
Senior Accounting Technician 28Classified
Senior Computer and Network Specialist 45Classified
Senior Financial Aid Technician 27Classified
Senior Software Specialist 45Classified
Senior Student Services Technician 28Classified
Senior Systems Analyst  Classified
Site Supervisor-Child Development 26Classified
SSS EOPS Specialist  Classified
SSS EOPS-Learning Specialist  Classified
Student Services Technician 24Classified
Student Support Services Specialist 24Classified
Tech Prep Program Assistant 31Classified
Telecommunications Multi Media Specialist 31Classified
Telecommunications Specialist I 31Classified
Telecommunications Specialist II 34Classified
Telecommunications Specialist III 38Classified
Testing and Assessment Center Specialist 27Classified
Theatre Arts Technician 26Classified
Tool Room Assistant 18Classified
Transfer Center Career Resources Technician  Classified
Transfer/Career/Veterans Resource Technician 29Classified
Tutoring Center Specialist 23Classified
Upward Bound Learning Specialist 28Classified
Upward Bound Specialist 24Classified
Veterans Affairs DSPS Technician 32Classified